Article I – Name


The name of this organization shall be the Association of Black Collegians.


Article II – Purpose


The purpose of the Association of Black Collegians is to develop awareness and promote unity of the Black student body by:  enhancing the scholastic achievement of our members, coordinating social and civic functions for the students within the community and on campus, acting as a liaison between administration, faculty, student government, and the Black student population.


Article III – Emblem and Insignia


All active, alumni, advisor, and honorary members of ABC shall be entitled to display and wear the emblems and insignia.


Article IV – Organization


Any undergraduate student is eligible for membership.


Article V – Membership


Section 1.  Membership in this organization shall consist of four kinds:  (a) Active,

(b) Alumni, (c) Advisor, and (d) Honorary.


Section 2.  Active membership shall be defined as:  attending each ABC general assembly meeting, unless absence is approved, participating in the planning and programs of all functions sponsored by ABC, and complying with all articles and bylaws of constitution. 


Section 3.  Alumni Membership.  Following the termination of active membership status and graduation from Southeast, a member may become an alumni member by complying with the regulations and policies set forth by the constitution.  An alumni member shall have non-voting rights.


Section 4.  Advisors.  Those individuals who have an interest in the organizational development, group effectiveness, and guidance in career development of Black student on the Southeast campus and who act within the regulations and policies set forth by the constitution.


Section 5.  Honorary Membership.  Those interested in helping to advance the purposes of ABC and who have rendered outstanding service may be elected to honorary membership by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting.  Honorary members shall not have voting privileges, nor shall the hold any office except that of advisor.


Article VI – Officers


Section 1.  Officers of the Association of Black Collegians shall consist of the following: President, Vice – President , Parliamentarian, Sergeant – at – Arms, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Officers shall be elected the twelfth week of the spring semester, with the office being effective the first week of the following semester.


Section 2.  The Executive Council shall consist of the President, Vice - President, Parliamentarian, Sergeant –at-Arms, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Committee Chairperson, and Advisor(s).


Section 3.  After the organizational year, this chapter shall have an Advisory Council consisting of two or more honorary members and the chapter advisor(s).


Article VII – Meetings


Section 1.  The Executive Council shall meet the first and third week of every month.


Section 2.  The general student assembly shall meet the second and fourth week of every month.


Article VIII  - Membership Year and Dues


Section 1.  The membership shall be for one academic year.


Section 2.  Membership dues shall be fifteen dollars annually.


Section 3.  Membership dues shall be announced at the first meeting of the fall semester and collected at the second meeting of the semester.


Section 4.  If a member is removed from the Association of Black Collegians because of disciplinary problems, there will be no refund of dues.


Article IX – Fines


A member of the Association of Black Collegians may be fined for any of the following reasons:  missing a meeting without contacting the Advisor at least one hour in advance, missing any ABC functions without making prior arrangements, not performing duties on committees, or being at the meeting upon the call to order by the President or Vice-President.

bulletThese fines start at one dollar and increase exponentially.  Once fines reach eight dollars and are not paid, members are termed inactive and lose voting privileges and membership discounts.  If fines are not paid by the end of the semester, the membership is terminated.  All fines must be paid to the Treasurer.  The fines and violations will be posted.
bullet A fine shall result because of any violation of policies outlined in the constitution.
bulletThere will be different infractions for different violations:

1.  Executive Officers not showing up to major ABC sponsored events:  $1

     General Assembly members on committee for the event:  $1

2.  Disorderly Conduct at ABC or non-ABC events:  between $5 and $10.

3.  Executive Officers late to a meeting:  $1

     Executive Officers absent with no call or prior notification:  $1

     Executive Officers absent or late with a call or notification:  no fine  

 ***The amount fined to an individual can increase or decrease, depending on the severity of their actions.

Article X – Code of Conduct


As participants in the Association of Black Collegians, members are expected to behave responsibly anytime they are attending ABC functions or are in ABC insignia (clothing, etc.)  Members also must comply with all policies stated in this constitution.  Failure to do so will result in a review before the appeals board and possible removal/dismissal.  The appeals board shall consist of one executive board member and two members of the general assembly.  The two members of the general assembly are on the appeals board for the entire academic school year.

Association of Black Collegians is a non-hazing organization that abides by the University Policy on anti-hazing. 


Article XI – Community Service


Community service shall be a required duty of all ABC members.  During the course of one semester, members are required to complete a total of 5 community service hours.  These hours can be obtained by volunteering time at local and non-local facilities.  Upon completion of hours, documentation will be made by a staff member of the facility.  Members not completing the required 25 hours will be labeled inactive.  Reactivation may occur if a member chooses to appeal the decision to the appeals board.


Article XII – Amendments


Section 1.  A two-thirds vote of the active membership shall be required for constitutional amendments.


Section 2.  A majority vote shall rule on any other such issues as:  bylaws, regulations, and business transactions for adoption.




Article I – Membership

Rules and Regulations


Section 1.  All members are required to fill out a membership contract.


Section 2.  An active member is required to attend all general assembly meetings and participate in the planning and attendance of all functions in that month.  All officers are required to attend ALL meetings of the general assembly.  Members not fulfilling their duties shall be fined.


Section 3.  Upon the recommendation of the Sergeant-at-Arms, any member may be dismissed for continuous unruly behavior and placed on the “inactive” list.


Article II – Qualifications for Office


Section 1.  All officers shall maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average.  All members of the general assembly shall maintain 2.0 grade point average.


Section 2.  Officers must have attended the university for at least one semester and have a minimum of 12 credit hours.


Section 3.  Officers must meet the qualifications outlined under Article V, Section 2 and all bylaws pertaining to active membership.


Section 4.  Officers must be in good standing with the university.


Section 5.  It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to ensure that all these qualifications have been met and that any other criteria be presented in advance to those interested in becoming an officer.


Article III- Duties of Officers


The President.  It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all meeting of the chapter, act as parliamentarian when necessary, and present the agenda to the student assembly.  The President, in collaboration with the Executive Council, shall appoint all committees and serve as an ex-officio member of these committees.  The president shall also be the official representative of the organization to the campus and the community unless otherwise delegated.

The Vice – President.  The Vice-President shall tend to duties that involve contacting outside sponsors, donators, etc.  They shall tend to duties that involve working with the Executive Council.  It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to assume the duties of the President in the absence or request of the President.

The Secretary.  The secretary shall perform the duties common to the office, such as keeping an accurate record of the chapter and Executive Council meetings and handling all correspondence and communication required.  This person shall maintain a list of members, keep a list of member absenteeism, and present a copy of the constitution and bylaws to all new members.

The Treasurer.  The treasurer shall act as a custodian of funds of the organization, collect dues, and give financial reports monthly.  The Treasurer shall be one of the signatures for approval on all checks and deposits, reimbursements for activities, the yearly budget, and all financial communication with the Student Government.

Parliamentarian.  It shall be the duty of the Parliamentarian to ensure that Parliamentary procedures are carried out and reinforced during the meetings of the student assembly.

Sergeant – at  - Arms.  It shall be the duty of the Sergeant – At – Arms to maintain order during the meetings. 

Executive Committee Chairperson.  This person shall organize and advise all committee meetings.  This person shall delegate responsibilities to the committee members, report committee progress to the executive board, and handle all receipts for the group’s expenditures.  The chairperson shall also produce a financial report to the Executive Council one week before the planned activity so that funds can be allocated.  A report, which summarizes the event and funds made from the activity, must also be turned in.

Additional Responsibilities of Officers.  All officers shall submit a report at every executive officers meeting.

Vacancies.  In the case of a vacancy, the Executive Council will appoint someone to that office until the next general election.

Removal of Officers.  Failure to fulfill any of the duties spelled out in the constitution and bylaws may result in removal from office.  Any member may register a complaint about an officer’s behavior, which they believe will effect the credibility of the organization, with the advisor(s).  The advisor(s) shall investigate this complaint and report it to the general assembly.  It shall take a two-thirds vote of the active members to remove any person from office. 


Article IV – Advisor Role and Function


Section 1.  The advisor(s) shall be nonvoters.  The person shall act as a liaison between campus and community, giving guidance and direction to the Executive Council and student assembly.


Section 2.  It will be their duty to attend at least one meeting per month of the Executive Council and one meeting per month of the general assembly.


Section 3.  The advisor shall be voted in by majority vote of the active members and dismissed by resignation and/or majority vote of the student assembly.


Section 4.  This person shall serve on the same terms as the officers.  Official notification of their active or inactive status shall be received in correspondence from the president.


Article V – Conduct of Meeting


Section 1.  Order of Business:  Meetings shall begin promptly at the designated time.

1.1.    The President shall call the meeting to order.

1.2.    The Secretary shall read the minutes from the last assembly meeting.

1.3.    The treasurer shall give a financial status report with a total summary on the fourth week of the month.

1.4.    All existing committees will give an update.

1.5.    Proposed agenda presented.

1.6.    Discussion of new business.

1.7.    The president shall give the date and time for the next Executive Council and Assembly meeting.


Section 2.  Procedures:  Everyone is expected to show common courtesy and respect during the meetings.

2.1.    The President must recognize anyone wanting the floor.

2.2.    There will be a written agenda, available at each meeting, presented by the President.

2.3.    All proposals shall be moved and seconded before voted on.

2.4.    Majority vote shall rule on all transactions not spelled out by the constitution and bylaws.


Article VI – Committees


Section 1.  A committee is a subset of the general student assembly of ABC, composed only of active members.  It shall be the duty of the committee members to appoint a chairperson and set up a meeting date.  The Executive Committee Chairperson in charge of all committees.


Section 2.  Committee members:  These individuals shall assume responsibility assigned by the chairperson.  If conflict arises within the group, it shall be reported back to the Executive Committee Chairperson


Section 3.  Discounts:  All active members acting on a committee shall have the admission fee to that particular event waived.



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