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  Our History

   The Association of Black Collegians (ABC) originated from the mother organization, the SEMO Negros Activity Council (SNAC). SNAC started in 1968 and was the first support network for African-American Students on Southeast Missouri State University's campus. It was finally recognized by the university in 1969, with Gwen Shields as its first president. In conjunction with many black organizations on campus, one of our focus is dedicated to lending support to any individual who may desire it. In addition, ABC is also an organization dedicated to uplifting humanity and making a positive difference on campus and within the community. We are a non-for-profit organization who has and will continue to remain, an outlet for people who want to make a difference in their community.

Our Purpose

     The purpose of the Association of Black Collegians is to develop awareness and promote unity within the black student body by; enhancing scholastic achievement of our members, coordinating civic functions within the community and on campus, act as a liaison between administration, faculty, student government, and the black student population.


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