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Eligibility Requirements

All undergraduates in good academic standing with the university and a 2.5 GPA are eligible for membership in ABCGraduate students and alumni are eligible to be advisors or honorary membersMembers who participate in the planning and coordinating of ABC sponsored events shall be termed active and admitted at discounted rates.  Membership is $15 for one academic year.

A.B.C. Membership Contract/Application


Name                                                                  Date                                             

Local Address                                               

Local Phone                                   

Permanent Address                                                                                               

Permanent Phone                                  


Major                                                         Classification                                       

What activities are you currently involved in?                                                                                                                               


Are there any special skills that you can bring to A.B.C.?                                  


Which committee(s) are you interested in joining? (circle all that apply)

                    Community Service        Social        Professional



By signing this membership contract/application you reserve the appointed A.B.C. Executive  the right to do a GPA check at the end of each semester, for the calculation of the organization overall GPA.


Advisor                                                     President                                               


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