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Catalog Description and Credit Hours (Top)

Basic principles with emphasies on aliphatic compounds.  Discussion of functional group reactions, mechanism, and spectroscopy is begun.  Three lecture hours.

Prerequisite (Top)

CH186 with a grade of 'C' or consent of instructor

Textbook (Top)                            

L. G. Wade, Jr., Organic Chemistry, 4TH Edition, Prentice Hall.  

How to study Organic Chemistry (Top)

Exams (Top)       

    There will be three in-class examinations on the dates indicated in the Lecture Syllabus.  All exams will be counted towards your grade and will contribute 60% of the total possible points in this course.  Since the subject is cumulative, material on previous exam will appear on the succeeding exams.  Some exam questions will be taken from the in-chapter and end-of-chapter problems. If you have to miss an examination for some legitimate reason, contact me ahead of time or as soon as possible. Your excuse absence will have to be substantiated in order for you to make up the exam.  The make-up exam will be comprehensive and the date will be announced in the class.


Final Exam (Top)           

    The final exam will be held on the date and time indicated in the Schedule.   This will be a comprehensive examination and will contribute 25% of the total possible points.

Homework (Top)           

    Homework will be assigned and collected regularly.  Homework should be taken seriously since about 15% of the total points in this course will come from homework.

Homework Assignments (Top)

   Click on the highlighted button below to download homework assignment.


Assigned Due* Comments

* Assignments are due by noon on the indicated date.

Basis of Student Evaluation (Top)


Hourly  Exams 60%

Final Exam 


Tentative Grading Scale (Top)           

                        A                        90-100%

                        B                        80-89%

                        C                        70-79%

                        D                        60-69%

                        F                        <60%


Lecture Schedule (Top)

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         8:00 AM            Thursday,  August 1    


Announcements (Top)



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