Course Numbering Change  

New Numbers (Starting Summer 2001) Old Numbers (Spring 2001 and Before)

Core Counseling Courses (610-619 & 680-699)


CP 610 Orientation to Counseling GC-640 Orientation
CP 611 Developmental Theories GC-671 Theories of Personal Growth
CP 612 Counseling Theories
GC-645 Theories & Tec. of Elem. & Sec. School
GC-653 Methods of Counseling
CP 613 Social & Cultural Aspects of Couns. GC-665 Social & Cultural Aspects of Counseling
CP 614 Skills for the Helping Professions GC-648 Skills for the Helping Professions
CP 615 Career Development GC-652 Psychology of Career Development
CP 616 Group Counseling GC-655 Group Guidance
CP 617 Assessment in Counseling PY-636 Personality Assessment
GC-654 Appraisal of the Individual
CP 680 Counseling Practicum GC-656 Supervised Practice in Counseling
CP 681 Practicum in Higher Education GC-627 Supervised Practice in Student Affairs 1
CP 682 Internship -- Elementary GC-687 Adv. Practice in Elem. School Counseling
CP 683 Internship-- Secondary GC-688 Adv. Practice in Sec. School Counseling
CP 684 Internship -- Higher Education GC-628 Supervised Intern in Student Affairs 2
CP 686 Internship -- Community (2) GC-678 Supervised Intern in Counseling Agency
CP 687 Internship -- Community (3) GC-679 Supervised Intern in Counseling Agency
CP 688 Advanced Internship GC 690 Advanced Internship in Counseling
CP 695 Indep. Study in Counseling (1-3) GC-668-669 Indep. Study in Guidance & Couns. 
CP 696 Thesis (Variable Number) GC-694-5-6-7  Thesis (Variable Number)

Higher Education (620 - 629)
CP 620 Foundations of Higher Education I GC-623 History, Culture & Current Issues
GC-624 Introduction to the Function & Purpose
CP 621 Finance and Assessment in Higher Ed GC-629 Finance and Assessment in Higher Ed.
CP 622 Found. of Higher Ed.  II: Leadership GC-631 Foundations of Higher Education
CP 623 Principles and Practices in Higher Ed. GC-626 Administration in Student Affairs Practice 
CP 624 Theories of Student Development GC-625 American Higher Education Student
CP 625 Cultural Diversify in Higher Education GC-630 Cultural Diversify in Higher Education

School Counseling (630 - 639)
CP 630 Foundations of School Counseling GC-650 Found. of School Guidance & Counseling
CP 631 Consultation GC-673 Consultation in the Helping Profession
CP 633 Intelligence Testing GC-651 Psychometrics II
CP 639 Testing Practicum GC-659 Supervised Practice in Testing

Community Counseling (640 - 649)
CP 640 Counseling in Community Agencies GC-680 Counseling in Community Agencies
CP 643 Psychodiagnostics and Treatment GC-685 Psychodiagnostics and Treatment
CP 644 Counseling Ethics (1) GC-642 Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling
CP 645 Marriage & Family Counseling GC-664 Marriage & Family Counseling
*CP 646 Family Education New Course

Counseling Electives (650 - 679)
CP 531 Treating Sex Offenders GC-530 Treating Sex Offenders
CP 651 Profess. Issues in Counseling (1-3) GC-610-611-612 Topics, Issues & Trends GC-672 Professional Seminar
CP 652 Counseling Children and Youth GC-689 Therapeutic Alliances
CP 653 Family Dynamics & Except. Children GC-609 Family Dynamics & Exceptional Children
CP 654 Prevention Strategies for Adolescents GC-635 Prevention Strategies for Adolescents
CP 655 Advanced Educational Processes GC-674 Ed. Process & the School Psych. Exam
CP 656 Issues & Tech. of Class Manage. GC-675 Issues & Tech. of Classroom Manage.
*CP 657  Theories of Personality  New Course
CP 661 Substance Abuse Counseling GC-666 Counseling the Substance Abuser
CP 662 Gerontological Counseling GC-662 Gerontological Counseling
*CP 663  Technology in Counseling  New Course
CP 671 Counselor Supervision GC-699 Counselor Supervision
CP 672 Advanced Counseling Theories GC-692 Advanced Counseling Theories
CP 673 Advanced Group Counseling GC-698 Advanced Group Counseling

Under Graduate Courses (100 - 499)
CP 111 Principles of Personal Adjustment GC 110 Principles of Personal Adjustment
CP 210 Introduction to Counseling New Course
CP 212 Develop. of Helping Relation. Skills GC 210 Develop. of Helping Relationship Skills
CP 441 Exploration of Self GC-490 Exploration of Self 
CP 451 Micro-counseling Techniques GC-450 Guidance Techniques for Teachers

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