November 2008 -- Volume 2, Issue 3


New newsletter format. (Read More)
SEMOSCA Fall Meeting, November 20, 2008 (Read More)
Membership Drive (Read More)
PSRS Issue: SSA UPDATE -- SSA has determined that the Counselor position is exempt from Social Security. This determination was made based on documentation from 1948 that supports the requirement for a Counselor to hold a teaching certificate.


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New newsletter format.  

In an attempt to provide information as quickly and as efficiently as possible the  Executive Committee will be launching SEMOSCA ENews.  The hope is that this will provide for greater communication among members of the organization.  An email will be established for the news - - Please feel free to email information that could be added to the ENews page.

SEMOSCA Fall Meeting -- November 20, 2008 -- Hickory Log

Our annual SEMOSCA Fall Meeting will once again be held at Hickory Log. Registration for the meeting begins at 4:30 p.m. with dinner beginning at 5:00 p.m. Murray State University will be sponsoring this event. SEMOSCA members interested in attending need to email Sherri Scherer at with an RSVP so that she can get an accurate count of the number of members attending the meeting.

Membership Drive

Membership in professional organizations such as SEMOSCA and MSCA has many benefits.
MSCA provides members with the latest information in the counseling field through articles in “The Counseling Interviewer” and “The Counseling Connection”. Members are represented with other state educational organizations and in the legislature. MSCA offers one of the very best professional development conferences.
Membership in SEMOSCA has similar benefits. For the low dues of $15, members receive a lot more than just 4 delicious meals. Counselors have an opportunity to build a great network of colleagues, and to receive updated information from our sponsors. The SEMOSCA Governing Board would like to continue the MSCA trend of offering workshops that are meaningful and relevant to the area counselors. At the September meeting, members will have an opportunity to attend level sharing with various relevant speakers. Workshops are also planned for the afternoon of the November and February meetings.
The SEMOSCA Governing Board thinks that it is very beneficial for members to be involved with the organization. With that goal in mind, members are encouraged to attend all four of the organization’s meetings this year. Paid members of SEMOSCA who attend all four meetings for the 2008 -2009 year will be entered into a drawing. Five names will be drawn from those eligible, and they will receive paid SEMOSCA dues for the following year. Send in your membership form today, recruit a friend to join with you, and join us in September, November, February, and March!!

PSRS Issue: What school counselors can/should do.

SSA UPDATE -- SSA has determined that the Counselor position is exempt from Social Security. This determination was made based on documentation from 1948 that supports the requirement for a Counselor to hold a teaching certificate.

Beginning Wednesday, November 5, 2008 (After Election Day):

1.      Call the Missouri Office of Administration, Division of Accounting:

Tom Sadowski 573-751-4013 and/or Vandee DeVore 573-522-5863 and tell them to stand up for Missouri Educators and fight this decision by the Social Security Administration and IRS.  Ask them to delay this decision until at least July 1, 2010.  Tell them that this has a major impact on the career decisions of Missouri educators.  More time is needed to fully understand exactly which employees are affected by this decision and the impact on their future retirement income.

2.      Call your state representative, state senator and Governor, and ask them to intervene to delay this decision and explore ways to resolve this issue. Please contact newly elected legislators as well as those currently in office.

3.      Call or email Senator Kit Bond, Senator Claire McCaskill and Missouri members of the US House of Representatives.

a.       Ask that any decision relating to a change in the determination of social security exemption be delayed until at least July 1, 2010 to adequately inform employees who will be impacted; to allow school districts and PSRS to make the necessary changes in accounting procedures; and to train school employees on how to calculate the new retirement contributions.

b.       Ask them to contact the Social Security Administration and IRS, asking them to allow Missouri school districts to modify their Section 218 agreements to reflect the current practice of exempting employees of Missouri public school districts who possess a certificate issued by the DESE and who work at least seventeen (17) hours on a regular basis. 

4.      Go to the MNEA, MSTA, or MASA (Missouri Association of School Administrators) websites and download the letters they have available, so you will have accurate information and correct facts.  You can use the information in these letters for talking points during phone calls and/or as your written communication to the individuals listed above. 

Please get involved. Let’s show them the strength of MSCA.
Every voice counts!

Want more information?

Powerpoint presented to MSCA.
New Online Presentation
by Alan Thompson, General Counsel for PSRS  Thompson Presentation
Missouri Association of School Administrators
Office of Administration Website With More Information on this Issue
Original 218 Agreement
Modification Agreement for Category 1 School Districts
List of Districts By Category
Memo from OA to all Category 1 School Districts
Memo from OA to all Category 2 School Districts
Memo from OA to all Category 3 School Districts






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