March 2009 -- Volume 3, Issue 1




Our SEMOSCA Spring Workshop will be Thursday, March 26th, with registration at 1:15, and the workshop from 1:30 to 4:00, at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center, presented by Tanya DeGonia and Camille MacDonald. Topics include Career Clusters, Personal Plans, and METS with many resources available for counselors 4th grade through 12th.

 Our SEMOSCA Spring Meeting will be Thursday, March 26th, with registration at 4:30, and the meal at 5:00, also at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center. At

 Please rsvp by March 19th, for the Spring Workshop and/or Meeting to Sherri Scherer at

A message from your president:

The things we take for granted… electricity, a warm house, clean drinking water, clean clothes, warm showers, warm food, our own bed, privacy. Many of us were reminded of these comforts by the recent ice storms. How wonderful it is to return to our normal lives! How sad it is to realize that some of our students live without some of those comforts every day! When you think about it, it really is amazing how much they accomplish given their circumstances. Please offer encouragement today to someone who is doing the best they can with the situation they have.

The things we take for granted… communication! Wow, that ice storm was amazing! Governing board members had trouble reaching each other to decide what to do about the January meeting. Those of us who had access to cell phones and email discussed whether to go on with the meeting, postpone it, or cancel it. Some of our counselors were not able to get email for weeks, including our rsvp email. We originally wanted to have both spring meetings, but we couldn’t work out dates since counselors get so busy with spring testing. We finally decided to just have one Spring Meeting. It will be packed with activities including Nominations/Elections and Professional Recognition. Administrators are also welcome. Please make a special effort to attend.

The things we take for granted… SEMOSCA. We have so many great people in SEMOSCA. Meetings are a great place to meet and network with other counselors. Put aside your busy schedule or step out of your comfort zone, attend, and meet a new friend! We hope to see you on March 26th!

 Workshop Opportunities

(The following workshops are “hands on” workshops which include activities/resources to take back to your schools.)

Career Clusters/Personal Plans/Resources

This “hands on” workshop provides an overview of the Career Clusters framework and how it can be used as a tool to link what students learn in school with the knowledge and skills they will need for college, career development and work. Career Clusters encourages both academic along with career and technical education staff to bring relevance to the classroom. Participants will gain an understanding of the 16 career clusters and how they benefit the students, teachers, community, and employers.  Also included in this workshop (if time permits) is an activity on developing a personal plan from a variety of students’ goals and circumstances.  Many resources to use in the classroom are given to all participants.

METS-What, Why and How?

This presentation explains the Missouri Math, Engineering, Technology, Science (METS) Equity Pipeline Project.  Participants will learn the value of the project, ways to get involved and how it can benefit our students and our future.  Also included is a DVD containing a power point presentation to use in the classroom along with videos and activities to empower students to research these careers.




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