Application for Accreditation 


Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

 The 2001 Standards

Application for Accreditation

Date  October 23, 2004 

University/College     Southeast Missouri State University

Department/Academic Unit   Educational Leadership and Counseling  

Mailing Address  
Southeast Missouri State University

One University Plaza, MS 5550

Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 

Accreditation Contact Person     Dr. Verl T. Pope

Telephone   (573) 651-2399   Fax   (573) 651-2410   E-mail


    X       Community Counseling   M.A. Community Counseling

    X       School Counseling   M.A. School Counseling

Eligibility Requirements Checklist

Please provide documentation illustrating that each of the eight (8) Eligibility Requirements listed below is met. Please refer to the previous pages for a complete statement of each of those requirements. For each item on the checklist, please reference page numbers where documentation can be found in the self-study or attach copies of original documentation to this application.

____XX______(1) A minimum of 72 quarter hours or 48 semester hours, or 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours is required, depending on degree program for which application is sought. (Community and School. Appendix Section I.D)

____XX______(2) A minimum of three (3) core faculty are required, one of whom is designated as academic unit leader. (Doctoral degree programs must have two [2] additional FTE faculty.) (Faculty. Appendix Section III.A)

____XX______(3) A common core of curricular experiences is identified and required. (Student Handbook. Appendix Section II.A Page )

____XX______(4) Appropriate curricular experiences are required for program area(s). (Community and School. Appendix Section I.D)

____XX______(5) Institution in which academic unit is housed is accredited by a regional or institutional accrediting body recognized by CHEA. Please name the accrediting body and provide evidence of accreditation. (North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) Appendix Section I.A)

_____XX_____(6) Practicum and internship experiences are required for all students. (Guidelines for Practicum & Internship Experiences. Appendix Section, Page 47)

_____XX_____(7) Students are currently enrolled in the program. (Practicum and Internship Enrolment Data. Appendix Section III.I)

_____XX_____(8) A comprehensive mission statement has been developed. (Mission Statement Appendix Section II.A, Page 6)


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