Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently asked questions page is a new addition to our website.  It allows students to find information quickly.  If you have a question that you believe needs to be added, let us know. Check back we will add more.

Program Admission Questions

How do I get admitted into the counseling program?

There are specific requirement for admissions to the Counseling Programs.  They are outlined in the Student Handbook.  Click Here.

What is Screening and what does it entail?

Screening takes place during the first few weeks of CP610 Counseling Orientation and Ethics class.  It is comprised of an interview with a faculty member and a student.  Students are also asked to complete several written assignments and assessments.  More information is located in the Student Handbook.  Click Here Step Three.

When do I find out who my advisor is?

When you are admitted into the program, you will receive a temporary advisor.  You will then be assigned a permanent advisor.  More information is located in the Student Handbook.  Click Here.

Course Enrollment Questions

When I try to enroll online, it says the class is “blocked” – what is this?

Some courses (e.g. practicum) require students to register for them by signing up with the instructor or the secretary.  The courses and the process outlined in the Student Handbook.  Click Here.  If is not one of this courses, the class is most likely full and you will need to contact the instructor to determine if there is space available.

Are classes offered in a certain order and only offered during specific semesters?

Some courses require students to take them in a specific pattern called core courses. Yes some courses are only offered in specific semesters. Please refer to the Student handbook for more information.  Click Here

Practicum and Internship Questions
Where might I go for practicum and internship and how is this determined?

Information on practicum and internship can be found in the handbook. Click Here

Graduation Questions

What is candidacy? When am I required to apply for this?

Candidacy is an agreement between you and the university that states the courses that you agree to take to get a degree.  We expect that students complete this after discussing it with their advisors and it should be done before the last 16 credit hours are complete. A form can be obtained from the Graduate Schools website.  Students should use the Candidacy for listed for "Master of Arts, Master of Music Education, Master of Science in Nursing, and Master of Business Administration" Click Here.

Certification and Licensure Questions

What are the requirements for provisional school certification?

DESE requires specific courses to obtain a provisional certificate.  These are outlined in the Student Handbook.  Click Here.


Other Questions

Who do I contact with general questions concerning the program?

Current students should speak with their individual academic advisors regarding questions about their program.  Prospective students should speak to the Coordinator of the program they are interested in or the Counseling Coordinator. See the faculty page.


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