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Delta Poems

who are those
dazzling, devastating
divas? sexy, sophisticated
sistas? talented, tenacious trend-
setters? it could only be the sorors of
DELTA SIGMA THETA.. the alluring, bold,
captivating, diligent, energetic, fabulous, gorgeous,
honorable, intelligent, jubliant divas of DST... many are
called but the chosen are few to follow the steps of the great
twenty-two... from challenges and obstacles they did not shrink so
for us to pay tribute, let us sit and think... of our illustrious 22 founders



I`ll make a woman, a woman of essence
A woman of pride, a woman who is capable
Of putting trivial things a side
A woman of individuality
A woman of love,
A woman who is enfranchised
With the pearls from above
A woman who is genuine,
 A leader of integrity,
God said...
I`ll make me a
REAL woman, I`ll call her


Delta Ducky Style

Nicole Ward

My Crimson and Cream
is every woman's dream
it's made the world brighter since 19-13
the others stand and wait
and watch all a while
they just can't recreate

This chant was performed by Zeta Mu's step team at the NPHC '97 step show


Some are Ladies, Others are Women

Nicole Ward

Some girls are born Ladies, looking for society's approval
While others are born WOMEN, capable of manipulating their own destinies

Some ladies desire to fit into a stereotype,
While women, like Winnie Mandela, are LEADERS, blazing the trail for others to follow,

Some ladies are shy and timid
Whereas WOMEN like Nikki Giovanni, aren't afraid to openly speak their mind,

Some ladies dream
But WOMEN like Patricia Harris, and Shirley Chisholm dare to do more,

Some ladies die in the forgotten memories of history,
While WOMEN like Mary McLeod Bethune, Wilma Rudolph and Barbara Jordan live on,

Some girls pledge sororities,
But WOMEN pledge Delta Sigma Theta

Never settle for just being a "lady"...

This poem was written as a gift to Epiphany XVI, on their crossing date of April 3, 1996


The Delta Woman

Lovely creature
Hand made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
Modeling and serving
She is conspicuous as a growing seed
She is solid as a rock
She is as wayfaring as an ant
She stirs, serves, and hastes on.

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
Constant and valiant
Come wind, come rain
Comes no discouragement
She is relentless
Her vowed intent
She is a strong woman!

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
No task will she flee
This is right, for you see,
She is a Delta!

Lovely creature
Hand-made by God
Smooth-spoken woman
No hobglobin nor foul fiend
Can daunt her fine spirit.
So, she labors night and day;
Being ever true to herself,
Being ever true to Delta!

The Delta girl is one who has been given the opportunity of education and broad development: she is one who has enjoyed the privileges of culture and selected environment... It is pleasing to a heartfelt depth to see her not as self centered, not desirous of selfish power, not wanting the plaudits of people, not wanting glory- but with a purpose which directs her activities and all that she may control toward lifting somebody else.

Soror Mary McCleod-Bethune




By Libya BaaQar

It is you my sister that I have come to know.
It is you my sister who has grown so close.
What spirit of goodness do you contain?
How talented you are,
Baring no shame.
I am mesmerized by the intellect of your mind.
You are a community helper,
A gift to mankind.
So to you my sister
I gratefully stand back.
It's the Delta in you
That has everyone tilting their hats.

İMarch 17, 1998

A DELTA IS . . .






- Erica Hubbard

One True Delta

A woman of love, peace, and happiness
With a passionate, burning dream
To become one of the women
Who wears the Crimson and Cream

Her heart, like the elephant
Is as strong as can be
While, like the pyramid, she has three sides
One side for them, one side for you, and always one side for me

Her love for DST
Was evident from the start
When asked why be a Delta?
She said, "It's just in my heart!"

With the wind to her back
And God's presence there just the same
Here dream reached reality
And a Delta she became

So she will wear the Crimson and Cream
And it will be there to stay
Because she will be "One True Delta"
Until her last dying day

By: Jumond Greene

 A Delta woman has the ambition to follow through on her dreams

A Delta woman learns to work with what she has and strives to achieve more

A Delta woman has a heart of courage, a soul filled with integrity, and a mind full of knowledge

A Delta woman is a woman of Life

A Delta woman is life

By: Candace Crenshaw