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Environmental Science Program

Business Option

Environmental issues have effects on a broad spectrum of businesses and industries. Also, there are a large number of businesses and consulting firms that specialize in environmental fields. The direct and indirect impacts of environmental concerns on the economy are large and growing.

Traditionally, students have received university training in either business or environmental science, but not both. Southeast is pleased to offer a program that recognizes the close relationship between the environment and business. Furthermore, completion of the business option curriculum will qualify students for admission into, and rapid completion of, a M.B.A. degree program. There are relatively few academic programs in the country that combine business and environmental science training and graduates with these combined backgrounds should be highly marketable.

Environmental issues affecting business frequently become legal issues. There is a societal need for individuals trained in business, environmental science and law. The course of study of the environmental science major is designed to prepare interested students for post-graduate training in environmental law.

Graduates in this option are anticipated to be successful in finding employment in the environmental field and to be highly competitive for admission to graduate programs in business and environmental sciences, as well as, law school programs.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. William Weber, Department of Economics and Finance

Career Opportunities:

Employment in government, business, industry, and consulting firms; advanced study in graduate school and law school.

Visit the Career Opportunities page to see what sort of careers are available in the environmental field.

Employment Outlook:

Overall, there is a continuing demand for individuals with training and expertise in the environmental field.

High School Preparation For Major:

A college preparatory sequence which includes four years of science (including biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics) and four years of mathematics. Advanced Placement and/or dual credit courses in science, mathematics, and English are strongly recommended.

Courses (credit hours) 15 hours

 Five courses selected from the following list.
AC 221 Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
AC 222 Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
EC 225 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
FI 361 Financial Management (3)
MG 301 Management and Organizational Behavior (3)
MI 375 Management Information Systems (3)
          MK 301 Principles of Marketing (3)

          Note:  Admission into a M.B.A. program may require completion of all seven courses.

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