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Environmental Science Program

Information Systems Option

Field and laboratory work in environmental science generates an overwhelming amount of data. This data needs to be analyzed and interpreted by environmental professionals who have a breadth of expertise in both the field and laboratory sciences as well as in data collection, management, and interpretation of the data through modeling and simulation. The data gathered is used for making decisions that may have important economic and social effects. This is the role of the information systems specialist in environmental science.

The student who elects to pursue his or her studies in information systems as applied in environmental science will gain a strong foundation of applied computing in C/C++, Visual Basic, database, and the Unix operating system in addition to a solid preparation in biology, chemistry, and the geological sciences. The student will be well prepared for employment opportunities immediately upon graduation with the B.S. degree, for additional study in environmental science at the graduate level, or for the pursuit of a law degree or an MBA.

Faculty Advisor:

        Dr. Ken Surendran, Department of Computer Science

Career Opportunities:

Employment in government, business, industry, and consulting firms; advanced study in graduate school and law school.

Visit the Career Opportunities page to see what sort of careers are available in the environmental field.

Employment Outlook:

Overall, there is a continuing demand for individuals with training and expertise in the environmental field.

High School Preparation For Major:

A college preparatory sequence which includes four years of science (including biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics) and four years of mathematics. Advanced Placement and/or dual credit courses in science, mathematics, and English are strongly recommended.

Courses (credit hours) 12 hours

Core (6)

      IS 130 Visual Basic I (3)

      IS 275 Information System II (3)

Electives (9)

Choose 9 hours of 300/400 level Information Systems or Computer      Science courses.

IS 175 is completed in the Environmental Science core curriculum.


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