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 Soil Science Emphasis

Soil science is the study of soils in the natural environment with critical attention focused on their physical, chemical, and mineralogical composition and their biological diversity and sustainability. Human impacts on this resource include agriculture, forestry and wildlife, urbanization and recreation, and wilderness preservation. The Geoprocessing and Soils option is designed to broadly educate students in environmental science, with more in-depth study of the physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties of soils and their ability to sustain their biological diversity and offset deleterious effects of human activity. 

One faculty of the Environmental Science Program is dedicated to active research projects related to the Geoprocessing and Soils option and several faculty of the Departments of Biology and Chemistry conduct active research projects that involve soil assessment. The ability of the existing faculty base is able to provide an interesting array of research projects for supervised undergraduate research and to present and/or publish undergraduate research. 

Graduates in this area are anticipated to be successful in finding employment in the environmental field and to be highly competitive for admission to graduate programs in soil science or environmental science.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Michael Aide, Department of Geosciences

Career Opportunities:

Employment in government, business and industry, consulting firms; advanced study in graduate school.

Visit the Career Opportunities page to see what sort of careers are available in the environmental field.

Employment Outlook:

Overall, there is a continuing demand for individuals with training and expertise in the environmental field. There is a growing and continuing demand of soil scientists in the environmental field, especially individuals that have acquired professional license (Certified Professional Soil Scientist).

High School Preparation For Major:

A college preparatory sequence which includes four years of science (including biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics) and four years of mathematics. Advanced Placement and/or dual credit courses in science, mathematics, and English are strongly recommended.

Courses (credit hours) 15 hours

          Core (9) 
          AO 427  Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition (3)
          GO 400  Geomorphology (3)
          GO 555  Soil Classification and Resource Management (3) 

          Electives (6) 
          AO 555  Soil Conservation (3)  
          GO 340  Remote Sensing (3)
          GO 445  Geographic Information Systems (3) 
          GO 465  Clay Mineralogy

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