Southeast Missouri State University
Environmental Science Program

Environmental Studies Minor
(for science majors)


Science majors are defined as students with a major in agriculture (not including agribusiness), biology, chemistry, geosciences, industrial technology, or physics. 
This minor consists of 21 semester hours of course work to provide an introduction to contemporary environmental issues of concern and importance and enhance the social science and liberal arts experience of science majors in a manner which facilitates their understanding of environmental issues. 
Students must select courses so that a minimum of 6 credit hours are at the 300 level or higher.

Foundation Courses (all four required) (12 hours)

BS 105 Environmental Biology (3) (living systems)
GO 110 Physical Geology (3)
UI 387 Environmental Law & Public Policy (3) (UI 3xx)
UI 429 Environmental Ethics (3) (UI 4xx)

Science Applications

CS 180 Scientific Computing (3)
EN 301 Writing for Science and Technology (3)
GO 305 Environmental Geoscience (3)
GO 460 Environmental Hydrology (3)
MA 223 Elementary Probability and Statistics (3)
UI 319 Science, Technology and Society (3) (UI 3xx)
UI 360 Recycling and Waste Management (3) (UI 3xx)

Philosophical and Social Foundations

EN 190 Writing and the Environment (3) (written expression)
PL 245 Social Philosophy (3) (social systems)
PS 280 Introduction to Global Issues (3)  
SO 430 Demography (3)
UI 339 North American Indians (3) (UI 3xx)
UI 347 Living in a Global Society (3) (UI 3xx)
UI 372 Earthquakes and Society (3) (UI 3xx)


Public Affairs

AG 201 World Food and Society (3) (economic systems)
AG 433 Agricultural & Food Policy (3)  
BL 255 Legal Environment of Business (3)  
EC 101 Economic Problems and Policies (3) (economicsystems)
EC 215 Principles of Microeconomics (3) (economic systems)
PS 230 American Public Policy (3)
PS 418 Public Policy Analysis (3)

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