HPA Meeting Minutes Dec. 6, 2006
Thanks to everyone who brought food to the HPA Holiday Party.  We all had a good time!
There is a historical Christmas Cabin and other historic buildings in Commerce, Missouri.  If anyone is interested, please email the HPA and we can arrange a visit, even after finals.
For next semester we have several events planned.  We will begin the ecophone fundraiser in the spring.  We'll also have the t-shirts ready by then.  We are planning to reschedule Trail of Tears social outing once the weather improves.  We are looking to visit the Security Museum.  There will also be the opportunity to attend the Martin Luther King Jr. dinner on January 17, 2007.  If there is a significant interest we can reserve a table. 
Our next meeting will be held on January 24, 2007 at noon in Carnahan 109.