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Undergraduate Program Guide

Historic Preservation Requirements:  48 hours

Required HP Core Courses: 12 hours
HP007[1]  Professional Portfolio Review (No Credit)
HP100  Introduction to Historic Preservation (3)
HP200  Introduction to Techniques of Local History 
(pre-req. HP100) (3)
HP585 History of American Architecture 
(pre-req. HP200) (3)
HP588 Legal and Economic Principles of Historic Preservation
  (pre-req. HP585) (3)
Required History Core Courses: 9 hours
US105 American History I (3)
US107 American History II (3)
GH315 Historiography (3)
HP Concentration: Choose 9 hours (3 hours must be in a Problems Course)
HP405 Archives and Special Collections Studies
HP410 Museum Studies (3)
HP420 Historic Site Administration (3)
HP450 Problems in Historic Preservation (3)
History Concentration:  9 hours
9 hours of EH, GH, US, WH or approved departmental UI courses, of which 3 hours MUST be 400-500 level.
Internship: 9 hrs (Must complete HP100, HP200 and HP Concentration courses first)
HP500  Historic Preservation Internship I (3)
HP501 Historic Preservation Internship II (6)
HP502 Historic Preservation Internship III (9)
Additional Interdisciplinary Requirements:  18 hours

Group A:  9 hours

Choose from:

AD101 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications (3)
BL255 Legal Environment of Business (3)
BS105 Environmental Biology (3)
GO445 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (3)
HI104 Housing and Interior Design (3)
MK301 Principles of Marketing (3)
TG100 Introduction to Drafting (3)
TG126 Computer Assisted Drafting (pre-req. VC100) (3)
TG274 Photography Fundamentals (3)
TH101 Acting for Non-Majors (3)
TH395 Period & Style (3)
UI351 Public Opinion (3)
UI371 Government and Business (3)
UI400 Business and Ethics (3)
UI425 Persuasion (3)
Group B:  6 hours

Choose from:

AH511 American Art (3)
HI532 History of Furniture II (3)
UI312 Perspectives on the Present (3)
UI313 African-American Experience (3)
UI337 Issues in Modern Architecture (3)

Rural Sociology (3)

UI339 North American Indian (3)
UI340 Housing Perspectives (3)
UI341 Victorian Studies (3)
UI347 Living in a Global Society (3)
UI401 American Cultural Landscapes (3)
UI414 The American Temper (3)
UI418 European Mind (3)
UI446 Civil Rights Movement (3)
UI452 Historical Geography (3)
UI503 Alexander the Great (3)
Group C:  3 hours

Choose from:

AN321 Midwestern Archaeology (3)
AN381 North American Archaeology (3)
AN382 Archeology:  Method and Theory (3)
AN550 Historical Archaeology (3)
GO340 Remote Sensing (3)
HP552 Historic Preservation Field School (3)
UI373 Historical Geology (3)
No Minor Required

The following minors are recommended:[2]
Anthropology:  18  hours
Archaeology:  18 hours
Architectural Design: 15 hours
Art:  19-21 hours
Art History: 21 hours
Criminal Justice:   15 hours
Environmental Studies:  21 hours
Foreign Languages:  18 hours


21 hours
Interior Design:  18 hours
Marketing (Integrated Marketing Communications):  15 hours
Marketing Management: 15 hours
Public Administration:  18 hours

  [1] Historic Preservation majors are required to have a professional portfolio review during the semester in which they graduate. See advisor for details.  No credit.

  [2] Requirements for each minor field are listed in the undergraduate Bulletin.


Dr. James Ermatinger, Chair / Department of History  
- 2003 Southeast Missouri State University