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    Employee Teams

    Team Name Team Size Division
    LOSERS 2 Bachelors
    Notorious B.I.G. (Bucks In Gym) 2 Bachelors
    The Life of Too Much Pie 2 Bachelors
    Theall Thunder 2 Bachelors
    The Hunger Gang 4 Bachelors
    The Wellness Warriors 4 Bachelors
    Fighting Gravity 5 Masters
    The Motivators 5 Masters
    Rowdy in St. Louis 6 Masters
    Sweatin Sweeties 6 Masters
    Serious Business 7 Masters
    Sweet Success 7 Masters
    8 Up With Fitness 8 Doctorate
    Death on Two Feet 8 Doctorate
    We're No Dumbbells 8 Doctorate
    Christy's Crushers 9 Doctorate
    Registrar's Class"y" Droppers 10 Doctorate

    Student Teams

    Team Name Team Size Division
    The Thunder Thigh Gals 3 Bachelors
    Badonkadonk Busters 6 Masters