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    Consult your physician, or health professional prior to starting an exercise program. See "Before You Exercise" section for additional information.


    Contest Point Values


    1.       POINTS MAXIMUM

    3 points maximum from Level 1 activity per person per day

    20 point maximum for Level 1-3 per person per day
    2 points maximum from Wellness Activity per person per week per section

    117 points maximum per person per week


    2.       LEVEL 1: DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (1 point per activity regardless of duration)

    Activities in Level 1 are considered routine in nature and should be counted as separate, stand alone actions.


    a.       Purposely parking far away from your destination

    b.      Walking across campus instead of driving

    c.       Gardening

    d.      Pushing a lawn mower

    e.      Cleaning in a house such as dusting, and vacuuming

    f.        Taking the stairs instead of the elevator

    g.       Engaging in a leisure activity such as fishing, shooting baskets, and playing with children


    3.       LEVEL 2: MODERATE INTENSITY ACTIVITY (5 points for the first 20 minutes, 1 point per additional 10 minutes)
    ctivities in Level 2 are considered leisure in nature and not highly strenuous.


    a.       Walking continuously for recreation

    b.      Biking continuously for recreation

    c.       Hiking continuously

    d.      Playing tennis continuously

    e.      Skating/rollerblading continuously

    f.        Strength training continuously

    g.       Doing yoga, pilates, or stretching

    h.      Playing a minimum of 9 holes of golf by walking

    i.         Playing of Intramural Sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer


    4.       LEVEL 3 ACTIVITY (10 points for the first 20 minutes, 1 point per additional 5 minutes)

    Activities in Level 3 are considered high intense, purposeful vigorous exercise.


    a.       Participating in a group fitness class such as kickboxing, step, high/low, and aqua aerobics

    a.       Swimming continuously or intermittently

    b.      Jogging continuously or intermittently on treadmill, sidewalk or trail

    c.       Vigorous or brisk walking continuously or intermittently

    d.      Using a cardiovascular equipment, such as Elliptical trainer and stepper, continuously or intermittently


    5.       WELLNESS ACTIVITY (Each item worth ONE point, 2 points maximum per week, per section)


    Section A: Nutrition

             Cooking a meal from scratch without using processed products

             Eating 3-5 serving of vegetables and fruits (no French fries) per day

             Not consuming soda products at all for one day

             Drinking 8-10 glasses/2-3 liters of water per day


    Section B: Emotional/Social Wellness (at least 20 minutes per item)

             Spending time with family/children without TV

             Watching movies with family/friends

             Eating out with family/friends

             Positive socialization with family/friends

             Getting massage/spending time alone


    Section C: Environmental Wellness

             Using your own bag(s) for shopping (not using bags provided by stores)

             Switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs

             Clean or replace air filters on your air conditioning unit

             Turn off unneeded lights even when leaving a room for a short time.

             Wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot.

             Shut off electrical equipment in the evening when you leave work


    Section D: Intellectual Wellness (at least 20 minutes per item)

             Learning something new/a new language/a new recipe

             Learning because you wanted to and not because you are told

             Reading a new book


    Section E: Financial Wellness

             Making daily/weekly/monthly/annual budget for home

             Seeking financial advice/information

             Contributing to retirement account

             Paying bills on time

             Making conscious effort not to buy something you donít need


    Section F: Safety

             Wearing seatbelt when driving (without failing per day)

             Putting sunscreen when outdoors

             Making list of emergency contact/emergency plan for your family

             Making first aid kit available for your home/car

             Checking fire extinguisher/smoke detector



    If you are participating in daily activities that are in the same activity level, points should be accumulated as one activity.



    If you are participating in different level activities, points should be accumulated as two separate activities.



    Your activity can be done anywhere (i.e. home, the Student Recreation Center, outside, etc.). It doesn't matter where - what does matter is that you are shaping up!