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Welcome to the complete list of Workshops currently being offered at the Southeast RPDC.
For more information, contact the RPDC Office at 573-651-5161 or email the consultants.
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Summer Workshops     August Workshops     September Workshops
Summer Workshops
June 25 SW-PBS Emerging Team Training: Meeting 1
June 26 SW-PBS Emerging Team Training: Meeting 2
June 30 Reasoning with Rations and Proportions- It's All About Relationships Flier
July 6-9 Making Mathematicians Summer Institute
July 15 Missouri Educator Evaluation Modules 1 & 2 Flier
July 16 Missouri Educator Evaluation Modules 3 & 4 Flier
July 21 **Southeast Ed Tech Conference** Flier
July 24 SW-PBS SWIS Refresher Summer Session Flier
July 27 Collaborative Works Project: New Staff Meeting
July 28 Collaborative Works Project: Elementary A Meeting
July 29 Collaborative Works Project: Elementary B Meeting
July 30 Collaborative Works Project: Secondary Schools Meeting
August Workshops
August 5 Making Sense of Fractions: Grades 3-5 Flier
August 6 Mentor/Protégé Meeting Flier
August 7 New Teacher Assistance
August 19 Mentor/Protégé Meeting Flier
August 20 Leadership Academy: Meeting 1 Flier
August 21 NEW to MAP A (ELA, Math and Science)
August 21 Anchor Charts for Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade Teachers and Support Staff Flier
August 24 K-2 Literacy Training on

SBRR (Scientifically Based Reading Research) and SBRI (Scientifically Based Reading Instruction)

August 24 & 25 Introduction to Autism with Project ACCESS
August 26 PLC Year 1 Elementary & Secondary Schools: Meeting 1
August 27 Advisory Council Meeting Flier
August 28 Literacy Collaboration Meeting 1 Flier
August 31 3-6 Literacy Training on

SBRR (Scientifically Based Reading Research) and SBRI (Scientifically Based Reading Instruction)

September Workshops
September 1 and 2

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Improvement Plans

September 3 PLC Year 2 - Meeting 1
September 4 Becoming an iPad Power User Flier
September 10 SW-PBS Emerging Advanced Team Training- Meeting 1
September 11 Overview of MAP-A (Math, ELA, and Science) **Held at North County Primary**
September 14 SW-PBS Tier 2 Sustaining- Meeting 1
September 15 Deepening Feedback as an Effective Instructional Practice Flier
September 16 Overview of MAP-A (Math, ELA, and Science)
September 16 (Morning) SW-PBS New Staff Meeting Flier
September 16 SW-PBS Tier 2- Meeting 1
September 16 (Afternoon) PLC New Staff Meeting Flier
September 17 Collaborative Works Project- Administrator Meeting
September 17, 18, October 22 and 23 Working with Students with Autism
September 18 SW-PBS Preparation Team Training- Meeting 3
September 21 JGT "Just Good Teaching" Academy- Formerly Known as SPED -Special Education Academy
September 21 Teacher's Academy- Meeting 1 Flier
September 22 Developing Common Formative Assessments: Item Writing Flier
September 23 & 24 Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) 2015
September 23 New Teacher Assistance Workshop Flier
September 23 SW-PBS Emerging Team Training- Meeting 3
September 24 Leadership Academy
September 24 SW-PBS Tier 2 Advanced- Meeting 1
September 24 PLC Year 3 Elementary and Secondary Schools- Meeting 1
September 25 Making Mathematicians Regroup
September 25 Special Education A-Z: A Guide for New Special Education Teachers - Meeting 1 Flier
September 28 SW-PBS Tier 3 Meeting 1
September 29 Cognitively Guided Instruction in Children's Mathematics Flier
September 29 PLC Continuous Improvement Elementary Schools- Meeting 1
For Workshops Later in the School Year,
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