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Welcome to the complete list of Workshops currently being offered at the Southeast RPDC.
For more information, contact the RPDC Office at 573-651-5161 or email the consultants.
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August Workshops     September Workshops       October Workshops
August Workshops
August 22 Advisory Council Flier
August 26 WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test Flier
August 26 Year 1 MO PLC Elementary & Secondary Schools- Meeting 1  
August 27 WIDA- ACCESS Placement Test Flier
August 28 Literacy Coaches Meeting
August 28 WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test Flier
August 28 SW-PBS Preparation Team Training- Meeting 1
August 28 Missouri Educator Evaluation System Module 1 & 2 Flier
September Workshops
September 4 Using Technology to Support SBAC Testing Flier
September 5 SW-PBS Emerging Team Training- Meeting 1  
September 8 Collaborative Work Administrator Meeting
September 9 Collaborative Work Administrator Meeting (Repeat from Sept. 8)
September 10 Inclusive Best Practices Registration Link on Flier Flier
September 10 PLC Year 2- Meeting 1  
September 11 PBIS & PLC Information Meeting Flier
September 11 A First Timer's Guide to Map A: AM Session Flier
September 11 Map A Updates: PM Session Flier
September 12 SW-PBS Emerging Advanced Team Training- Meeting 1  
September 15 Leadership Academy- Meeting 2  
September 16 Collaborative Work: Elementary A Group- Meeting 1 Flier 
September 17 Collaborative Work: Elementary B Group-Meeting 1  Flier
September 18 SW-PBS Preparation Team Training- Meeting 2  
September 18 Accommodations and Modifications for EOC, ACT, and Grade Level Assessments Flier 
September 19 PLC Year 3 Elementary Schools- Meeting 2  
September 19 Google Apps in Education  Flier
September 10 Understanding Essential Elements for Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities Flier
September 22 PLC Year 3 Secondary Schools- Meeting 1  
September 22 Beginning Teacher Assistance Workshop  
September 23 Mathematics Coaching: Resources and Tools for Math Coaches/Leaders Flier
September 23 SW-PBS Tier 2- Meeting 1  
September 24 New Teacher Assistance Workshop Flier 
September 24 Positive Interventions and Effective Strategies for Dealing with Behavior Flier
September 24 Special Education Academy- Meeting 1 Flier
September 24 SW-PBS Tier 2 Advanced- Meeting 1  
September 24 Teachers' Academy: Active Learning and Engagement Strategies- Meeting 1  Flier
September 25 SW-PBS Tier 3- Meeting 1  
September 25 Missouri Educator Evaluation System Module 3 Flier
September 25 & 26 Introduction to Autism  
September 26 SW-PBS Tier 3 Advanced- Meeting 1  
September 26 Using Student Learning Outcomes with Educator Evaluation- Day 1
September 29 PLC Continuous Improvement Elementary Schools- Meeting 1  
September 29 Project-Based Learning- Meeting 1  
September 30 PLC Continuous Improvement Secondary Schools- Meeting 1  
September 30 Sensorimotor Integration  
September 30 Overview of WISC-V, KTEA-3, and Digital Administration (Held at Fox HS)
October Workshops
October 1 Fifth Grade MLS-Reading, Writing, and Math: Fitting the Pieces Together
October 2 PLC Year 2- Meeting 2
October 3 Poverty: Understanding it and Supporting Students in Today's Classrooms- Meeting 1 Flier
October 9 PLC Year 1- Secondary Schools- Meeting 2
October 10 PLC Year 1 Elementary Schools- Meeting 2
October 14 SWPBS Tier 2 Advanced- Meeting 2
October 15 Creating and Using Functional Behavior Analysis/Behavior Intervention Plans- Meeting 1 Flier
October 15 PLC Year 3- Secondary School- Meeting 2  
October 16 iPad 101: Basics of Using the iPad in Your Classroom Flier
October 16 Transition Outcomes Project: TOPS Flier
October 17 PLC Year 3- Elementary Schools- Meeting 2
October 21 Collaborative Works: Secondary Schools  
October 22 Administrator Mentoring Program (AMP)  
October 22 Staying out of Legal Hot Water in Special Education: Practical Tips for Educators  
October 23 Missouri Educator Evaluation System, Module 4: Evaluator Training and Feedback Flier
October 23 Third Grade Reading, Writing, and Math: Putting the Pieces Together Flier
October 24 Using Technology to Support SBAC Testing Flier
October 24 The Power of Words Flier
October 24 Letters and Sounds Flier
October 27 Using Student Learning Outcomes with Educator Evaluation
October 27 & 28 Working with Students with Autism in Schools by Project ACCESS Flier
October 28 Blended Learning for a 21st Century Classroom Flier
October 28 Standards in Mathematics: Part 1 of 4 Flier
October 29 Classroom Survival Institute: Outwit, Outsmart, and Outlast- Meeting 2
October 29 PLC- Sustaining Schools- Elementary Schools- Meeting 1  
October 30 PLC- Sustaining Schools- Secondary Schools- Meeting 1
For Workshops Later in the School Year,
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