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Steven J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

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Last modified 04/05/2007

  The Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Pi Kappa

Sigma Pi Kappa 1996 Charter Members

The Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Pi Kappa at Southeast Missouri State University was established in March, 1996 with seven undergraduate, three graduate and five faculty members. The Epsilon Chapter was the first chapter in the nation to include undergraduate students as members.

Our charter was signed by all the members present and hangs in the Department of History offices in A.J.S. Carnahan Hall.
The faculty incorporators of Sigma Pi Kappa include Dr. Steven Hoffman, Dr. Carol Morrow, Dr. Frank Nickell, Dr. Robert Skelton, Dr. Bonnie Stepenoff, and Mr. Bob White.

Dr. James Ermatinger, Chair / Department of History  
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