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Steven J. Hoffman, Ph.D.

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Last modified 04/05/2007

  Membership Information

Sigma Pi Kappa is open to all Southeast Missouri State University Historic Preservation students, graduate and undergraduate, who meet the following requirements:

Undergraduate: minimum of 62 hours, including 9 hours of Historic Preservation and 6 hours of History credit, and a 3.5 overall or Southeast GPA.

Graduate: minimum of 18 hours, including 9 hours of Historic Preservation credit and 3.7 overall GPA.

A one time initiation fee of $25 is required for membership.

Note: If you have any questions about what constitutes HP or History credits, or if you have unique circumstances that may warrant special consideration, please see Dr. Hoffman or e-mail him at shoffman@semovm.semo.edu.

Dr. James Ermatinger, Chair / Department of History  
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