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Evening Social Function Event Worksheet
General Information
Today's Date:
Hosting Organization:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Phone#:
Primary Event Contact:
Primary Contact's Email:
Primary Contact's Phone#:
University Faculty/Staff Advisor:
Advisor's Email:
Advisor's Phone#:
Title of Event:
Start Date:
The first occurrence of your event.
End Date:
The date your event ends or the last occurrence of your event.
Notes About Event Dates:
Will you event occur weekly, span continuously over two or more days, etc?
Event Time(s):
Set-Up Time(s):
Clean-Up Time(s):

If you haven't contacted University Scheduling to request a room, click here to do so.
Event Data
Anticipated number of attendees:

Audience Configuration: (Please check all that apply)
Members of the sponsoring organization SEMO faculty and/or staff
SEMO Students High School Students
Non-SEMO university students Local Community Members
Org members or Alumni from another school SEMO Alumni
Individuals on a guest list

Please select the type of event that best fits the program you want to host:
Comedian Pageant Informal Dinner
Band/Musical Performance Meeting or Retreat Formal Dinner
Variety Show Dance/Party Special Event
Novelty Event
(Wax Hands, Cartoonist, etc.)
Initiation/Induction Ceremony Conference

Is your organization receiving University funding or co-sponsorship from any of the following? (Please check all that apply)
SAC University Department
(Student Development, CHC, Residence Life, etc.)
Student Government Funding Board

Check here if refreshments will be available at the event:
If Yes, what is the source of the refreshments?
Other restaurant or caterer
Organization Purchased
Organization Provided (Home made)

Check here if you will be contracting services (DJ, Band, etc) for this event:
If Yes, please complete the following information:
Company Name:
Contact Person: Phone #:
Cost of Services: $ Arrival Time:

Company Name:
Contact Person: Phone #:
Cost of Services: $ Arrival Time:
Check here if you are requesting additional contracts
You will be required to submit contact information for all requested contracts

Check here if your organization is hosting another function within the 24 hours preceding or following this event.
If Yes, please enter the dates, times, and locations:

Check here if you will be charging admission.
If Yes, what is the cost? $
Points of Sale? (Mark all that apply.)
At the door Pre-event ticket sales
What will the funds be used for?
Offset unfunded event costs
Future campus events
Organization Operating Costs (dues, conferences, etc.)
Philanthropy (donations, scholarships, etc.)

Please provide a brief description of the event and what will take place:
Do you have any concerns related to security or behavior for this event?
Do you have prior knowledge that certain individuals or groups may cause problems at this function?

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