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    The F.I.T. Program is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition program that offers a variety of services. The goal of our program is to motivate individuals to build a basic knowledge of fitness and nutrition to assist them in developing a lifestyle of healthy choices. Our highly qualified staff possesses credentials ranging from university degrees to licensures and certifications from accredited health and fitness associations. Our staff will assess your general fitness and nutrition status and design safe physical activity programs and nutrition plans utilizing goal setting, exercise, nutrition science principles, and safety guidelines.

    To schedule an appointment stop by the F.I.T. office in the Student Recreation Center or contact Eric Rhodes at 986-6797 or erhodes@semo.edu.

    How will you BeneFIT?

    • Improve your knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition
    • Enhance your exercise performance and have fun with your exercise program
    • Learn proper progression for your fitness level
    • Receive an exercise program tailored specifically to achieve your personal fitness goals
    • Increase efficiency and motivation
    • Add variety to your current exercise program
    • Learn proper technique and posture while exercising, which is essential to any training program

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